Web-studio "HBA" offers a wide range of services in the design and development of web resources:

  • Development of sites "from scratch"

  • Support (administration) of sites

  • Creating Flash Banners

  • Flash animation of any complexity

  • Logo and corporate style development

  • Polygraphic design

  • Web design


Our values:

  • Individual approach to each project

  • Professionalism and creativity

  • Building an open and friendly dialogue with the customer

  • Qualitative and efficient implementation of the tasks

  • A responsibility

Hosting CityHost

Creating a corporate site

Corporate website 

This is a virtual representation of companies, firms, government agencies, created to improve the company's competitiveness, increase customers and partners, the market. The desire to provide reliable information, the desire to communicate with customers and attention to their opinion positively affects the company's image.

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Why do you need online stores?

   It is unlikely that there will be a person on the web who never came across offers to buy something without leaving the computer. They offer everything: compact discs, computers, accessories, cell phones, gadgets, video equipment, tourist trips, sovkhoz threshing machines and luxury apartments. The question arises: how convenient are online stores and whether they can replace conventional ones?

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 What is the site for?


If you do not know what is the use of the site, here are three reasons:

1. The site will be able to increase the number of customers.

The website address in your advertisement gives your company greater solidity. In fact, your potential client, looking at the reversal of the directory, sees a lot of companies about which he does not know anything. And first of all he addresses those who inspire him more trust and respect.

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